13.3" to "15.6" Laptop Carry Case Bag

It is a easy and safe way to carry your device around. The lightweight Laptop Carry Case Bag protects your device from scratches and bumps. Its smooth interior and inner lip around give a complete shield to your hardware when inside. The simple, durable skin, made from neoprene similar to those used in wet suits can be used on its own or slipped inside another bag.

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13.3" to "15.6" Laptop Carry Case Bag 10 -US$12.90


  13.3" - 15.6" inches Laptop Carry Case Bag

            Designed for Laptops / Tablet / MacBook / iPad

            Light, soft and comfortable cover for your Device

  Easy to Carry, perfect for business, college and travel

  Light, soft and comfortable cover for your Device

  Shock proof material protect your device from scratching, dust & fall off

  Easy to place device into and take it out from the case

           A protective wrapping for your device to prevent scratching and damage when in transit

           Ultimate fun & stylish protection for your device


Package included:

 1 x Laptop Carry Case Bag of Selected Size

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