All-in-one International Travel Power Charger for Plug AU/UK/US/E

This All-in-one International Travel Power Charger comes in a very convinient one plug package. You don't need to change any plugs. It also comes with instructions and original packaging.  This travel adapter is an all-in-one world wide surge protector. 

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 Works will all types of outlets in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia, China, and the UK

 Power indicator light

 Compact size for easy portability.

 Provide protected safety shutter, power indicator and surge protector.

 Connects without complicated power conversion.

 Eliminates the need to carry multiple adapters.

 Allows you to charge your laptop, PDA, and cell phone internationally.

           Remark: This adapter converts power outlet only. It Does NOT convert voltage and electrical output.


Package included:

 1 x All-in-one International Travel Power Charger for Plug AU/UK/US/E

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