6 in 1 Retractable USB Cable

This special universal charger has a total of 6 different possible connectors and will work with iPhone 6/5/4/iPod/iPad/Samsung/Nokia etc. mobile phones.  It is well designed and very easy to use and useful to own or take on trips.

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  Charges more than 1 device at the same time

  6 different connecotrs designed to work with iPhone/iPad/iPod/Samsung/Nokia mobile phones and other mobile devices.

  Made of durable quality high-impact plastic

  Easy and convenient to use

  High speed charging

  Just plug in the USB port in your PC and recharge your electronic devices!

  While travelling on business or pleasure, you only  need to bring one cable and it helps you to charge all your portable devices.

  Cable Length: 76cm

  Note: The adapters 1, 2, 3, 4 can be used a recharge cable and  transfer data. 
             The adapters 5 and 6  can be used a recharge cable, not  transfer data. 

1. Adapter for iPhone 6 5 5s, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5
2. Adapter for Mini USB
3. Adapter for iPhone 4 4s, iPad 2 3, iPod Touch 4
4. Adapter for Micro USB
5. Adapter for Nokia
6. Adapter for Samsung


Package included:

 1 x 6 in 1 Retractable USB Cable

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